Placeholders for a toad

It rained a lot over the last few days so my yard has a large variety of mushrooms popping up. As I was sharing these photos with friends, they showed me some of their own and agreed to let me share them here. I don’t profess to knowing the names or even types. This is pictorial not educational! Enjoy!

From GiGi’s yard

This guy was huge! A whole family of toads could sit here!

GiGi sent me this of the same mushroom after it opened. Courtesy of GiGi
The top view. I forgot to take a top view when I took photos. Courtesy of GiGi
Multiple shrooms in a row.

There was a string of these little guys going back about five feet. Myles tried to get to them before I could take the picture.

Kelsea sent this one from her own yard findings. The details are stunning!
From a hike to the pond. Myles tried to destroy these too!
The shapes on these guys were unique.
From a trip to Florida earlier this year.
Out back by the grapevines.
Cool cone shaped mushrooms
My buddy Curtis shared this one from his yard in Florida.
Ms. GiGi calls this the fairy ring. It was mowed down that afternoon!

I hope you enjoyed my journey into nature. Drop me a note and let me know what you think. Hugs!

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